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Resistance Bands for You

If you find working out at the gym or jogging too much time-consuming, perhaps you can try workout from home.

An Excellent alternative to free weights for full-body muscle building and strength training, or losing weight and getting lean, a set of resistance bands will do the job.

Why use Resistance Bands ?


Resistance Bands Exercises

Reasons to Buy Resistance Bands

1-They're super affordable and easy to transport.

2-They help stretch and warm up your muscles before a tough workout.

3-They are great for functional fitness training.

4-They are incredibly safe to use. With resistance band training, you're in control the entire time. You're not worried about jerking weights, and you're going to protect your ligaments and tendons by controlling your muscles throughout the entire movement.

5-Resistance bands can add muscle-building power to most types of workouts. Resistance bands come in several strengths, making them highly usable by most people.

6-Resistance bands are smaller, and you can keep some right in the drawer of your nightstand.

3 easy steps to use these resistance bands


Very Useful for Travel

These are very useful for travel, because of their compactness. It's very easy to put the entire set (it comes with a bag) in a drawer, so there isn't some giant exercise gadget taking up space (been there).

Ashley Stenger

A Way to Stay Creative With My Workouts

I really enjoy these cables as they give me a way to stay creative with my workouts, give me a full range of motion, and allow me to work out anywhere. This challenges me in ways free weights cannot. You won’t know, unless you give it a try!

Kevin Boyle

Rebuild Strength after a Shoulder Injury

Used these to rebuild strength after a shoulder injury. It was hard to target the exact areas and types of movement that were still weak, so I got these resistance bands. I could quickly get back my full range of motion after using these bands.

Mark Johnson

I Keep These in My Desk Drawer at Work

I keep these in my desk drawer at work so when I am on those long, never-ending conference calls, I can at least get a workout in as I feel my muscles atrophying while sitting at the desk.

Willie Corbitt

Avoid Muscle Atrophy and Increase Fat Layer

It would be best if you avoided muscle atrophy and increase the fat layer. According to studies, fat is the main cause of most of the diseases present currently.

Do You Want to Sweat More?

Lead your body to its true potential and make it stronger and leaner.

If you are healthy, you will be happy. If you are happy, you can make others happy.